We produce on-line videographic (rich media) content for a number of clients, and have created a series of films with Car SOS presenter Fuzz Townshend making brand awareness content for SMEs operating in the automotive after-market. We specialize in music-related content and have worked on tutorials and testimonials for Celemony Melodyne.

Budgeting projects

Clients need rich media to be produced to tight schedules - because they want to regularly update it. It needs to be smart - but not over-clever or overly complicated. And it needs to stay on budget.


We advocate SME clients don't commit all their marketing spend to one campaign when the same budget could be spread over several smaller rich media posts throughout the year and offer far greater market penetration.


XCP Pro, Enviro-Strip, Carole Nash - all are working with tight budgets. We often turn round a viral with presenter Fuzz Townshend in just a few days. We produce various different edits that the client can use for online campaign - with HD, fully broadcast-compliant versions rolled in.


Clients are often surprised at how much value rich media can add to a company's online presence. Contact us for more information.


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