Rich Media

Rich Media is...

By rich media we mean any enhanced content you carry on your site or across sites including mobile - in particular web-based, streamed video advertising.


That content can vary enormously, of course. To make a big splash on your homepage, you might want to carry a simple 30-second ad that introduces customers to your services. Or you might choose to tell customers about a new service or product. At the other end of the scale, you might want to make more 'info-tainment' type content, which could be presenter led and show customers how to use a range of products.


In its simplest form, you could present your ideas as simple text, graphics and animated pack shots. At the other end of the scale, you can make something that wouldn't look out of place nestling between television commercials on TV.


And, surprisingly, these decisions don't necessarily have to be driven by budget.

A simple, smart idea can be cheap to produce, quick to turn around - and posting online is free, of course!

Case Studies

Presenter led...

We've worked with presenter, musician and mechanic Fuzz Townshend on a number of presenter-led info' based rich media videos. Intimate, compulsive, incisive, immersive - some of the many qualities of presenter-led content - and why it is superior to graphics-driven infographics or voice-over...

Top tips for buying a classic car - Fuzz Townshend for Carole Nash classic car insurance

Fuzz takes us through Enviro-strip's extraordinary paint stripping process...


Music software company Celemony are based in Germany. They make a revolutionary pitch-correction software product called Melodyne.


Melodyne is powerful but quite complex to use. Their rich media requirements were two-fold - in-depth instructional graphic tutorials explaining how to get the best from the product, and client led testimonials from music producers. These themselves were split in to two parts - the first being a general overview with the contributor's observations on how the product fitted in to their workflow, and a shorter Part 2 in which they would take us through a particular process involving the product's use in one of their projects.


Our background in music certainly helped on this - but the real challenge was to follow their very strict 'production bible' and stay within the modest budget:

Melodyne - graphic tutorial. Animation using screen grab software, graphics and voice-over

Melodyne - part 1 of producer testimonial from John Reynolds

Melodyne - part 2 'hands on' with producer Tom Fuller

Remote New Media

Remote New Media are a web design company based in a rural location. They have an interesting approach to design. They provide not only a design service but also code apps tailored specifically to the client. The films we made are discursive, interview-led pieces rather than overt sales pitches:

CellTrak - bespoke web-based data retrieval system

Terry O'Neill Photography Award - example of a responsive design working across a variety of platforms

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